Bug display on Dynamic Slider Oxygen Builder

I'll give you the background, a bug I couldn't solve, but which was solved thanks to the Oxygen Builder Facebook group community

Bug display on Dynamic Slider Oxygen Builder

Excerpt from my request on Facebook

I try to help according to the level and the message when I can, but it's my turn to come and ask for help.
I have a problem on a page, but the problem is recurrent on all pages, if I try to set up a Dynamic slider. On other sites under Oxygen Builder the bug does not occur, it is only on this one.
Tried clearing cache, regenerating cache, re-signing shortcodes, disabling all plugins, tried while logged in, not logged in, and on different browsers.
I've looked at the network tab and the dev console tab, but can't find the origin.
My Dynamic slider bug, the slides do their job well in the background (you can see it in the element inspector), but nothing is visible on the screen. It is only visible in edit mode.

Official Oxygen User Group

For the record, I created the article with the Dynamic slider on 17 February 2023, the bug appeared on 26 February, 9 days later.

I don't have an explanation, I'm leaning towards a bug like it happens with caching tools.

Anyway, I struggled for about a day, doing all the usual tests, using the element inspector (where you could see the slider working, turning the slides on and off), the console and the network tab of dev tools.

I tested in the element inspector to find an error source in the CSS, as well as in the backoffice, but I didn't get anywhere.

The answer came from Anwar Jacobs, member of the Official Oxygen User Group:

> Selectors, remove the classes under composite-elements related to the slider, delete the slider > Save Changes, Add the slider again.

Anwar Jacobs

I can't explain why it worked, but I think the solution is worth sharing and indexing on Google.

And if the bug reappears here, you can report it to me, I will now know what to do

Bug display on Dynamic Slider Oxygen Builder

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